New iPhone 4 preorder shipments pushed back to July 14th

If you haven’t yet hit up the Apple online store to preorder your iPhone 4, we’re sorry to say that you’ll be waiting a good long while. The latest checks on Apple’s online store shows that the ship date for your new iPhone 4 preorder has been pushed back to July 14th. Think about that for a second. That means if you didn’t get in on the first wave of preorders – you know, before Apple straight up sold out of their preorder supplies – you won’t be getting your iPhone 4 delivered to your door until at least three weeks after the June 24th launch.

We have no idea how this will affect in-store supplies during the launch weekend, or if Apple will see their inventory strained throughout the month of June, but there’s a good chance that there will be some Apple fans out there that will have to wait to get their hands on the new fruit-logo’d smartphone.

There’s no doubt that Apple is reaping the benefits of incredible hype surrounding its iPhone 4 launch. In fact, demand is so strong that Bumper cases for the new phone are already showing signs of sell-outs. As such, we’re not surprised by the July 14th ship date.

So, have you put in your preorder?

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