Pandora for iPad gets its first advertisers: Starbucks, Lexus and Budweiser

Pandora announced first advertisers for its iPad advertising platform – Starbucks, Lexus, and Budweiser. Each of the brands/companies prepared a campaign that features rich video, audio and interactive capabilities.

Pandora’s advertising solutions allow companies to hyper-target consumers by gender, age, location, the type of music they like and time of day. Advertisers can take advantage of the platform to stream video, audio, direct response or experiential creative to a specific set of consumers, whether they’re using Pandora on the phone or a PC.

I haven’t seen the new adverts, but it seems the three companies have prepared some cool campaigns. According to Pandora’s CEO, John Trimble – Starbucks, Lexus and Budweiser gone all out with eye-popping creatives. He went on to add: “Pandora users already engage with their Pandora application to the tune of eight times an hour, refining their stations or interacting with relevant advertising. We expect that engagement to be in full-force as they experience the appealing and relevant ads playing in concert with their musical experience on the iPad. We’re extremely excited that our newest platform is being utilized to its fullest extent by Starbucks, Lexus, and Budweiser to reach the consumers they want, anytime, anywhere.”

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