Hey readers from India, Pakistan, and Indonesia: I need your help [Nokia 1280 = lust worthy]

Here at IntoMobile we get email all the time from people in India, Pakistan, Indonesia, as well as many other countries, but in particular those three, asking us when a device is going to be available in their country. We try to answer all of them, but realistically we don’t know since it depends on several factors such as how many units are in the channel, which countries a distributor is supporting, and several more variables that I’m sure even I’m not adept enough at understanding.

That being said, this is the first time I’d like to ask you guys for help. There’s a device I want, desperately, and it’s the Nokia 1280. It’s a low end phone, and it’s not shipping here in Finland, nor will it make it to Western Europe, because it’s seen as too low end and will cannibalize sales of higher end 3 series and 5 series Nokia hardware.

For me however this device is a classic Nokia. I mean … just look at that thing. The design is brilliant. I also need a device for when I go to a summer cabin for 2 weeks with no electricity.

So if you’re in a country that sells the Nokia 1280, please get in touch with me. Nokia PR isn’t helping me out at all. I kind of got on their shit list when they asked me to review a Nokia N97 and I told them they’d have to make a device worthy enough to replace my Nokia E71 before I consider reviewing another one of their products. Now I have a Google Nexus One so … yea, they pretty much ignore all my emails.

If you think you can help me score a Nokia 1280 then send me an email: stefan at intomobile dot com


  • Phat^trance

    Hey Stefan!

    You could always get the Energizer Universal 18000 mAh Portable Battery Back and Charger. That should take care of all your mobile devices for those two weeks 🙂

  • Bogdan

    Just bought one today. Superb, classic, simple piece of mobile technology. The radio is great, stereo, 3.5mm jack compatibility and clear monochrome screen. I'm more excited that I was when I got for myself an E72.

  • wuf

    You can get Nokia 5030 from local Gigantti for some 40 Euros. That would do the same trick as 1280 – and some more.

  • Ajit

    * prices listed there are exclusive VAT. 🙂 They may ship, I am not sure though.

  • Pritam Pal

    Still to launch here in India. http://www.nokia.co.in/find-products/products/nok…. Tell me if you want it so much 🙂

  • vijayent

    released today in hyderabad (india) at my store now…

  • chris


    Also looking for this phone. I'm from the Netherlands. If you're from India and want to sell this one (simlock free), please let me know!

  • rocco

    to any seller willing to ship a nokia 1280 to italy: feel free to mail me at blob.diocanio@gmail.com

  • schmark

    same here. if you’re interested in shipping to switzerland, please contact me: schmark@gmx.ch

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