Digitimes: Nokia working on 7 or 9 inch MeeGo powered ARM based tablet for Q4 2010

Our favorite dodgy Taiwanese site is at it again, this time with news that Nokia will release a 7 or 9 inch tablet PC, running on ARM based silicon and using the MeeGo operating system, some time during the 4th quarter of this year. As much as I think the iPad is a bourgeois piece of garbage, Apple did manage to sell a truck load of them. Will Nokia’s iPad clone fair better?

How well did their netbook do? Exactly.

How well do you think their tablet will do? I should be asking how much lower do you think their stock is going to go.

Said iNokia hardware will be built by Foxconn and the Finnish firm has already ordered 100 samples to play around with. They’re probably thinking whether or not it’ll be a good idea to launch a MeeGo tablet.

Update: Eldar from Mobile-Review just chimed in with this tweet: “Nokia Tablet Z500 is out to the world, nothing special or great, btw”

So now we have a name: Z500. How … terrible. Then again X5-01 isn’t exactly winning any naming competitions either.

  • jay

    Where I grew up we used to think mobile phones were a "bourgeois piece of garbage" and now look at them. You may come to regret those words. :~)

  • Ross

    MeeGo operating system might well be the Achilles heal – apps as with smart phones are what are going to drive uptake of a pad so the operating systems support in the developer community is critical – Android now it is more mature, being adopted by a lot of handset manufacturers e.g. HTC, Sony, Samsung, Motrolla, Dell and with a robust app market would be a safer bet than going with MeeGo.

    • Andre

      Android is in no way shape or form a tablet ready OS

    • Twingo

      I have the Maemo on my N900.. and 99% of the time – the OS has all I need.. Actually all I need is a torrent client so I can download files directly to my phone. .. and maybe a pod cast app.

      My next phone/tablet will have Maemo/MeeGo.I just love the way it looks and feels – and the unrestricted options. I know it’s not for everybody, but who cares.

      Android is good too, but must get control of the fragmentation. If people love an easy and highly restricted OS they have the iOS. But personally I think iOS feels like riding a bike with training wheels.

      HP and their WebOS have potential to be really good too. As of now – it would actually be one of three options I would choose if I had to stop using Maemo/MeeGo. iOS would not be one of them.

      The more I use the N900 the more impressed I become. I love the web browser, the way it handles messages, web radio, movie player and that I can emulate sprectrum, C64 and Amiga. Love playing Doom too btw. Especially using the video out.

      Can hook it up to TVs at hotels when I’m on a business trip, or to a projector or large screen TV when I’m at clients. When I’m at the airport waiting for planes for days because of delays, the ability to download movies is very good. There are also apps that easily access WEP/WPA networks, so I get free wireless wherever I go.

      If I wanted a pad/slate PC of some kind – I would love to have one that is a N900 in XL on steroids.

      As I use my N900 for work I use the keyboard a lot. I also have a bluetooth keyboard.

      I’m not sure a slate with no physical keyboard would feel productive enough.

      If I’m going to buy a slate, it must be able to replace another device. Either a smart phone or a lap top must be replaced. It can not replace any of my stationary PCs because of the serious lack of power.

      If I go back to a more basic phone, I still would end up with a Nokia because of the build quality and the good call reception/quality. I could go very small with a candybar design, weather proof and a good camera. No need for a color screen. Superior battery lifetime would be preferred. Symbian would have been my OS of choice since all the functions I really need would have been included in the OS. No need to waste tame on apps.

      If I was to replace a lap top with a slate – I would need a physical keyboard of some kind. Maybe like a hybrid.. or some kind of slide out keyboard..

      Nokia is working on slates/pads. Time will tell if I need one.

      I’ve played around with the the iPad/iPad2, Samsung Galaxy and the Xoom. We use the Galaxy in some of the cars at work where is has replaced a laptop, a GPS, a PDA and a phone with success. We got an app made specifically for us, to handle the bar code scanning and tracking data.

      A slate would need a GPS, HDMI and video out, SD card reader, USB connection, bluetooth, lot of storage, super AMOLED display, have an open OS and be able to take good pictures/video and make calls. Plug and play to transfer content from a PC. No iTunes needed.. Be able to make calls. Then the apps will follow. 1% of them will be useful and the rest will be non essential.
      Just as usual.

  • bratz

    Just dont leave us N900 maemo user behind is good enough….

  • Charles

    Can anything Eldar posts be taken seriously? The guy has a very obvious axe to grind against Nokia since they slapped his wrist and he's now in the pocket of Samsung.

    The guy is simply not a credible journalist or source of information. He's a bitter and twisted blogger.

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