Samsung Galaxy S Pro with WiMAX Gets Hands-On Impressions

Remember the Samsung Galaxy S Pro, Sprint’s next WiMAX phone? We already knew that it would have a 5 megapixel camera with LED flash, Android 2.1, 1 GHz processor, 512 MB of RAM, but a tipster has given his impressions of the hardware and software, along with dropping a few more specs.

The processor build is ARM Cortex A8, Wi-Fi works on b/g/n, and there are 8.2 GB of ROM that can likely be switched to storage memory like on the Incredible. Although the Samsung Galaxy S Pro will predominantly run on EV-DO and WiMAX, it also has a SIM card slot for world roaming. TouchWiz 3.0 is still a  bit of a chore, but Android 2.1 runs smoothly and plays H.264 and Divx videos fine. The Super AMOLED display seems to clock in at a 480 x 800 resolution and the blacks “almost look wet”. There’s also a front-facing video camera, which will benefit from the WiMAX speeds when it comes to video calling and the hype around video calling from the iPhone 4. The keyboard felt plasticky, though the sliding mechanism was apparently smooth.

Right now, the HTC EVO 4G is Sprint’s WiMAX champion, with honourable mentions going out to the Overdrive mobile hotspot, but it will take more than two devices to make the massive investments in 4G worth while. Even once more hardware becomes available, LTE is just around the corner, which will quickly sweep these WiMAX phones under the rug. Until that happens, handsets like the Samsung Galaxy S Pro will have some time to shine.

No word on pricing or release date just yet, but stay tuned!

[via Android Central]

  • anthony

    Well, Mr Editor. if u done your home work. Sprint is already ready to switch to LTE when the time comes. So try again.

    • Simon

      Oh, for sure Sprint is willing to switch to LTE, I just think that once that happens they won't spend a lot of time on WiMAX anymore.

    • marinperez

      point would still be valid because this is a WiMax-only phone that won't work on a Sprint LTE network.

  • Luthiensdad

    "Even once more hardware becomes available, LTE is just around the corner, which will quickly sweep these WiMAX phones under the rug."

    With Verizon and AT&T's tiered pricing vs. Sprint's unlimited? Sure, mister author. Rrrrrriiiiiggghhhttttt.

    • Simon

      Let's wait to see what AT&T and Verizon actually offer when LTE rolls out. I think out of sheer necessity, it'll be competitive.

  • wrlsfanatic

    How can you make a comment as vague as "LTE… will quickly sweep these WiMAX phones under the rug" without qualifying that in some way? Do you (incorrectly) believe it's going to have some huge speed advantage? Are you talking about coverage projections? Verizon states they will cover 100M by the end of this year, while Clearwire says they will cover 120M. Verizon will very likely catch up and overtake Clearwire from a covered population standpoint some time next year, but I doubt their footprint will be vastly bigger than Clearwire's by the end of 2011. Plus, we still don't know whether Clearwire's vast spectrum holdings will provide the end user an advantage.

    It's pretty poor reporting that you laugh off Wimax with basically a snide remark that you offer no backing for. If someone were to buy a Wimax phone this year, they would be looking for a new handset about the time LTE nationwide coverage is really starts to differentiate itself in 2012 or so.

    • Simon

      I'm sure Clearwire and Sprint will do just fine with coverage and service, but like anthony said above, I think it's going to be with LTE in the long run. I agree that customers will have a good run with a WiMAX phone they pick up today and use for two years while LTE matures, but like you say, around the end of that contract, LTE coverage will be competitive; until then, I see WiMAX as a stopgap.

      The reason I think LTE is going to outpace WiMAX is because the biggest players are behind LTE. On the carrier side, you have Verizon and AT&T, on the manufacturing side you have Nokia, RIM and others. Trying to crunch hard numbers that don't actually exist yet seems fruitless, but I think it's a pretty safe assumption that the guys with the most money and customers will be able to push their favoured technology over than the competition's. Maybe that's oversimplifying it, and I certainly don't have a crystal ball, but that's why I see LTE winning out over WiMAX eventually.

  • @WrlsFanatic

    Simon, I completely agree with you. I definitely believe that LTE will win in the long run, and I expect Clearwire to start using both Wimax AND LTE in the coming year. I simply think that this author's comments were poorly-worded.

  • Jonny Ringo

    Clearwires spectrum holdings will give substantial advantages for some time to come, hence I am more optimistic about Wimax. Spectrum is going to become a very important factor with time and over 50% of the 500 Mhz of Spectrum the gov't is trying ot allocate for future needs lies in the 2.5Ghz range which is suitable for Wimax.

    In case you didn't know Clearwire also holds a trump card in that they have 150Mhz of spectrum allocated for Wimax in the 100 most populated cities in the US. Have you looked at ATT and VZ's Lte spectrum holdings in in the U?. According to documents available on the web it appears both ATT and VZ have no more than two cities with 20 Mhz, don't you think that can be a limiting factor?

  • Jonny Ringo

    Nevertheless Wimax is currently used in 150 nations around the globe and is soon to be upgraded to Wimax 2 (IEEE 802.16m) which can deliver 300 Mbs to 1Gbs download speeds. Wimax as a whole also has the advantage of having a mature global eco-system and until Lte can also show how it performs in such an environment their will be plenty of question marks surrounding LTE.

    I don't see any platform trouncing Wimax for at least another 5 years and until then God knows what new standards might have arrived.

  • david

    I want this phone sooo bad, but ireally don’t want a keyboard.

  • jeremy

    Man I rushed out hastily and bought a HTC evo on launch day. Too bad all my impulsive decisions haven't turned out as good as this one. I love it and this "new breed " of high end smartphone are all freaking awesome. I was gonna get my wife an evo but she has her eye on the galaxy s pro. Either phone and you will not be disappointed guaranteed!

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