FYI: IntoMobile’s live streaming iPhone 4 launch schedule

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Hey there, IntoMobile readers! In case you didn’t know, tomorrow is iPhone 4 launch eve. That means Team IntoMobile will be flocking to our neighborhood Apple Store to camp out and live-blog/live-stream the crowds in front of the Palo Alto Apple store tomorrow. (We’ve also got a nice little surprise for all you regular IntoMobile homepage visitors). So, we thought we’d give you all a break down of what to expect from our live coverage of the iPhone 4 launch in Palo Alto, CA.

We’ll be kicking off our iPhone 4 launch eve coverage at around 2 PM Pacific Time (PST). Here’s the gameplan:

12:00pm – Set up and get settled at the Palo Alto Apple Store on University Ave.
12:01pm Deal with hecklers and passersby snickering at us for waiting in line for a phone.
2:00pm – Tour the interior of the Palo Alto Apple Store before they close up shop and start rearranging the store for iPhone 7 launch.
4:00pm – Chat with an IntoMobile editor about their thoughts on the new iPhone 4.
6:00pm – Chat with other iPhone 4 fans waiting in line. You’ll also get a line tour and another tour of the Apple Store.
8:00pm – Meet the IntoMobile backend team. You’ll get to talk to the developers and designers that do all the behind-the-scenes work to bring you daily comprehensive coverage of the mobile space; cool new features in the IntoMobile Community and what to expect from us going forward!
10:00pm – Chat with an IntoMobile team member; General overview of what to expect on launch day; A tour of the growing crowd of iPhone 4 line-sitters; A look at any iPhone line festivities (trust us, someone will bring music and food).
12:00am –
Chat with an IntoMobile editor about iPhone 4 and/or Android; Random coverage of launch day crowds and etc.
3:00am – Coverage from our New York team; A look at lines from the New York Manhattan Apple Store.
5:00am – Unboxing the iPhone 4 from New York.
6:00am – Getting ready to enter the Palo Alto Apple Store to score our own hardware! Watch live from street to store as we brave the launch day crowds and enter the Apple store to buy our iPhones.

Where to watch the live stream? Good question! Keep an eye on our Ustream channel!

*Keep in mind that anything can happen with live coverage (weather, news crews, hecklers, etc.), so this schedule is subject to change. We’ll try our best to stick to it!

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