Samsung: We’ll have more than 10% of the smartphone market this year!

Samsung is one ambitious and smart company. They know that the battle for consumer hearts, minds and ultimately wallets is moving from the mass market phones to the smartphone space. Hence, the Korean giant has launched a slew of smartphones this year, trying to reach multiple segments of the market. On one hand we have the high-end Galaxy S, and on the other the first Corby smartphone, both of which will undoubtedly sell like hot cupcakes on a cold winter day.

That said, we’re not surprised to hear that Samsung is planning to grow its smartphone marketshare from the current less than 5% to more than 10% this year. The words comes from Lee Donjoo, who is senior vice president of company’s Mobile Communications Division.

For the record, HTC, which is probably one of Samsung’s toughest competitors, managed to grab 7% of the smartphone market in 2009. Can Samsung manage to outperform the Taiwanese handset maker? I think it can, but then again I wouldn’t underestimate HTC’s portfolio as well. One thing is certain – super interesting times are ahead of us! 🙂

[Via: SamsungHub]

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