Apple guide for iPhone 4 and iOS 4 is live

Apple has just posted its official user guides for the iPhone 4 and iOS 4, so you can get your fill of its latest products even if you’re not waiting in line.

The iOS 4 user guide (PDF) is full of what you’d expect: information about the Mail, Calendar, iPod and other features. One of the best new features about the updated software is that the phone can now handle background apps – you just need to tap the home button twice to bring up programs running in the background.

One of the cool new things about the iPhone 4 is the boosted camera and the software is supposed to make it easier to capture those magic moments on your phone. The guide also covers the ability to organize apps into Folders by touching an icon until the home screen icons begin to wiggle and then dragging the icon onto another icon.

The next software also gets iBooks and the guide documents how this service works.

The iPhone 4 guide (PDF) is equally as mundane as the software manual but at least now you can get your full Apple fix before launch day.

For the best, craziest coverage of the iPhone 4 launch day madness, check out our live stream in line at the Apple store. Hop in the chat room and say hi.

[Via Apple]

  • jigsaw

    y ios4 not for iphone 2g user ??? atleast apple shud make a mini version of it n release it for iphone 2g users

    • Game Pro

      Because 2G came out like 10 years ago son 3Gs is only thing that basically fully runs 4

  • Baba

    haha.. nice.. I've already got my iPhone 4, thanks to PreOrder and FedEx!

    • kummy

      would u please review the battery life…is it stronger than iphone 3gs?

      • whiplash

        first day on the new phone without the battery being broken in and it did easily as good as my month old warrantied 3gs that was brand new beginning of may last month, on second thought it did do much better cause I've been on it for about four hours now after work….so actually much better than 3gs and thats on the first day
        i love how much clearer the letters are on the screen too
        it definitly seems faster on about everything than the 3gs..of course with a bigger chip and twice the RAM

        don't like the way they made it less wide for my hands to hold it and type, i thought it was bad in portrait before, i hate those apps that only have portrait typing

  • MP7

    Theres alot that the 3G and 3GS cant do with the update that the iPhone 4 can. Its just the chip/software in the new phone can actually handle it. The old processors cant. BTW iPhone 4 is great! I love FEDEX!!! They dropped it off at 9:30am!!!

  • Laraa

    how do i change the background :S

  • Mike Ohara Tenerife

    what is the i phone 4 default security code? I need to connect it to my car’s bluetooth handsfree device. 

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