iPhone 4 Drop Test: Outlook Not So Good

Prone to dropping your handsets? Maybe you even dropped your iPhone in the past and got lucky with no scratches or cracks? These iPhone drop test results might scare you into using some protection (ha!) or being a little more careful. We already know that the iPhone 4 has glass that is chemically strengthened, but it’s still glass and therefore still pretty damn fragile.

There were drop tests done on an iPhone 4 not too long ago which showed unfavorable results, but most complained that it wasn’t a final iPhone and that it was missing some critical internal components. Well, the video below is the Apple smartphone as you would find it right out of the Apple Store, and it is dropped a few times just to show how bad the damage can be. Word to the wise: be extremely careful or just buy a proper case for your iPhone if you care about it or the dough you’d have to fork over to replace it.

  • ultitool

    Perhaps it was wind damage that broke the phone? Jeebus thats a lot of wind noise. No way you guys could do your test inside and save my ear drums?

  • Joey Angel

    cool!!!! I hope you bought 2


    Any smart fone with glass on it will break if you buy a good case it would not have broken….

  • Chad

    Just the front glass broke? That looks pretty good to me. I dropped my 3G many times before it actually cracked the screen and I wasn’t using any case. But like the previous post any phones glass will break when you drop it. It’s glass…

  • On

    If you drop your phone on concrete 4-5 times you deserve to have it break, idiot

  • Featherfacdfreak

    can you do an experiment with a leather cover?

  • word

    its ironic it took 4 times

  • I think they should have tested it by dropping it on various areas of the iPhone, rather than the number of times it took to break. For example, dropping it flat, on a corner, back, side, etc. 

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