Juniper Research: 400 million people will use mobile banking services by 2013

According to the new Juniper Research’s study titled “Mobile Banking Strategies: Applications, Opportunities & Markets 2010-2015,” the number of mobile subscribers who use their phones for mobile banking will exceed 400 million globally by 2013.

The research company has found that banks are laying the foundations for this rapid user take-up by rolling out services using SMS, mobile web and apps to provide additional channel choices for their customers. The report author Howard Wilcox even said that mobile is becoming a “must have” channel for banks.

On the other hand, we have some banks limiting their options by offering insufficient mobile channel options for users, whilst others have yet to deploy mobile services at all. Banks in Europe, North America and the Far East are pointed as great examples of delivering and promoting their mobile services.

Further findings included:

  • Over 80% of banks currently offer some form of mobile banking;
  • Far East and China will be the region with the highest number of users in 2015;
  • Demand for on-the-move bank balance enquiries and advanced alerts will fuel SMS messaging growth.

And you can get more information from Juniper Research’s website.

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