HTC Vision: Dual-core processor, Android Gingerbread, 4.3-inch display, coming to T-Mobile?

With the launch of the Sprint HTC EVO 4G well underway, you’ve got to wonder what else the king of Android smartphone makers has up their sleeve for this holiday season. With devices like the Samsung Galaxy S (Vibrant), and Motorola Droid X almost upon us, is HTC just going to sit on it’s EVO and hope for the best? We think not, and according to a new rumor, HTC may be prepping a new superphone – a dual-core smartphone called the “Vision” – to hit T-Mobile later this year.

We thought the HTC Scorpion was looking good, and if this new dual-core device is intended to complement the Scorpion as part of HTC’s upcoming Android line up, we’ve got a lot to look forward to. We don’t have too much to go on about the device, but the few rumored specs we’re hearing about read like a dream.

The handset will be known as the HTC Vision, and is said to sport a dual-core 800 MHz processor, a 4.3-inch display, and possibly an 8-megapixel camera to boot. The device should also come with a full QWERTY keyboard.  We’ve seen these types of features starting to pop up on phones nowadays, but the real standout specification is the processor. We’ve still yet to see a dual-core processor on a smartphone yet, although the idea has been talked up quite a bit recently. If the dual-core CPU is really in the cards, it’s probably safe to assume that features like an HDMI-out port and front-facing camera may be on board as well.

The HTC Vision could be the answer to Motorola’s upcoming smartphone with the 2GHz processor that they had touched upon briefly, saying that it may be available by the end of the year. Obviously, people like to throw the term “iPhone killer” around a lot, but a lot of these Android superphones aren’t just killing iPhones, they’re killing lesser Android smartphones as well.

Motorola’s introduction of the Droid X looks like it’s trying to challenge the EVO more than anything else. While the Droid X does lack some features that we’re seen on the EVO – like a front-facing camera and kickstand – Motorola’s newest Android device still holds it own against HTC’s beast. While a front-facing camera may be all the rage right now, video chatting is just a tad bit awkward, and many people may not need such a thing on their smartphone. It’s cool to have the option, but it’s not something you’re going  to want to use all the time. Even with the best intentions, no one wants to see you when you’re in the bathroom!

So could the HTC Vision be the phone that T-Mobile has been waiting for? The Samsung Vibrant (Galaxy S) seems to be the highest end phone that T-Mobile has ever seen, and it’s still not available yet. Right now, we have to put this on the rumor pile, but it certainly wouldn’t be out of HTC’s character to launch such a device.

[Via: TMONews]

  • mrsimps

    This is a decent article, but I don’t like how the author tries to play down advanced features (e.g. front facing camera) on one device just to justify the shortcomings of other devices. Let’s celebrate that some manufacturers give us extremely healthy feature sets for all of the money we spend on these devices!

    • blakestimac

      I understand your point, but you're not getting mine. My 'down play' of advanced features, meaning the front-facing camera is from experience. While trying video chatting on the EVO, it was just awkward. It wasn't the way we got it to work, or the performance, but it was the fact that you're just talking to a person face to face in a conversation that really only needed audio. While it's nice to have, it's just not needed. I'm not trying to play down the great things manufacturers have provided for their customers, but it's not for me, and it's not going to be for many other people either.

      Video chatting makes you completely envelop yourself in the process, when just talking on a phone to some one is much more convenient, which can allow you to do more than one thing while on the phone. Mobile phones are convenient, remember? Do you really need to have a face to face conversation to a co-worker to see if they can switch a shift for you when otherwise you could have done something else in the process, like walk down the street? And don't say you can video chat and walk down the street, because, while you can, it's just not safe, just ask this girl:

      This is just to make my point clear, and it's not to down play anything, but video-chatting will not catch on as normal talking on a phone will be. You need the time, and the environment to do this, and it will just remain a novelty. But it's still a great feature to have!

      • Jack_Handy

        My wife is from Europe and, although we try to get there at least once a year, it is nice for her to be able to talk with her Grandparents and for them to see her. Right now, we use a laptop to video call and it works out well, but it would be nice for them to see the U.S. and, given their advanced age, they just can't make it here; enter video calling on a mobile phone. It will allow them to see some of the places that we go and talk about it while we're there; they can see their Great-Grandchildren playing and interact with them to some degree. While not necessary, video calling has some benefit, if only for a select few.

      • ElectronicRice

        By saying that a particular feature is necessary based on your own experience doesn't hold true for many others. I actually found myself loving the video calling feature on the EVO if only to be able to use Skype and video chat with friends across the country. Not only is it fun, but it adds a whole new dimension to the phone because now you can actually see the person you're talking to, which was previously only possible on a webcam enabled computer.

        So again, while YOU may not think it is important, I can find a whole room full of people that would say otherwise.

  • Keith

    I love how phone specs are going the way of pc’s. Talk of 2GHz chips, dual core, Tegra 2 etc is great.

    To be honest, front facing cameras are pretty much pointless. We’ve had them on a number of phones in the UK for years. I think I used one ONCE just to try it out. After that, mostly useless. It’s quite laughable that Apple are only just adding it.

    The main problem I have is the 24 month contracts. 6 months after you start your phone is out of date and you’re stuck for another18 months…

  • @poncho881

    Crazy how fast the mobile technology has been advancing. It wasn't that long ago 1ghz processors were the next big thing now we're already talking about 2ghz and dual core phones.

  • Ben

    I c an understand both points on the front facing camera … but as mentioned about not using to ask a co-worker to cover a shift … of course not. Who would use the video chat every time just for the hell of it? I'm thinking my brother in Oregon, or my sister in Virginia. Wouldn't talk for too long but would offer a slightly cooler and neater dimension to what might be a plain and boring phone conversation.

    I don't use webcams on my computer … hell, I think THAT is kinda lame. But loving this video chat, which BTW I don't use every time. Hell, days have passed where I didn't use it at all. Just because it's there doesn't mean you have to use it all the time, and that doesn't make it unnecessary. May not be necessary, but more and more phones are going to drop with front facing cameras. Seems a little odd they'd leave it out. I get it, from both sides. But it's going to become the norm.

  • revray35

    As the site that originally broke the news, I think this is a great write up. You should check out the Android Guys Thursday night podcast to hear the information from the guy who sourced it, Scotty Brown. Thanks for posting this.

  • w7info

    Ya… pretty much everything about it turned out to be not true.

    4.3″ screen – no.
    Dual core processor – no.
    Gingerbread – no.

    Only the QWERTY keyboard survives. 😉

  • Mark

    What a ridiculous “non- article”.

    300 words about an IMAGINARY phone with a IMAGINARY feature-set…

    Is this journalist actually being paid to write this nonsense ?

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