Yea, or you could wait until the full iPhone 4 jailbreak is available, and I'm sure it'll be just days until someone will hack this into making the phone upload the full resolution vid…lol Blame it all on AT&T!

  • Olegreg

    You try uploading while on wifi?

  • Zombie_Mac

    i think your example videos are not effective. I cant see a significantly diff in quality…

  • Jonathan-Torres.com

    I think you can dramtically see a diffrence in quality from the 1st vidoe to the 2nd one. The first one is blury and the picture is not as sharp as the second one. Nice post, thanks for the info…

  • Brent

    Uploading while on wifi does not fix the issue.

  • Brett

    Your second video is still not HD because YouTube is having issues recognising the iPhone .Mov format so it compresses it still. You should export the movie to iMove for mac and then export to YouTube from there or convert the movie using Handbrake to mp4, no loss of HD quality but YouTube can recognise it. That is why you dont have the 'HD' button on your second video.

  • Lee

    I hardly think this article even needs the word shocking in it. It takes 720p, you can upload it to a computer. All good. Just because it isnt uber convenient to shoot it straight there from the iphone itself, I hardly think this is sinister in any way.

    I am looking to purchase an iphone 4 very soon as I have to admit it is finally an impressive phone, though I dare say I will be totally frustrated if I have to do everything through iTunes (the iphones biggest flaw).

  • Jinwuk

    I fully agree with the Daniel. I encoded full-HD (1920×1080 29.97 fps) video to 720p mp4 video for Iphone4.
    Since the profile of h.264 supported by iPhone4 is main-profile, so that I insert 2 B-frames between each frames. The encoded video is played well on my PC, even including i-Tunes. However, the encoded video cannot be uploaded to my iphone.

  • Jinwuk

    I also found that the problem is fully based on the limitation of the resolution supported by iphone 4. In this point of view, I agree with Daniel strongly. In addition, I found the limitation of the resolution in iphone-4 is 900 x 512.

  • Jinwuk

    OK, I got a specification of h.264 video for Iphone-4.
    Real HD720P (1280×720) is impossible to be decoded because uploading is impossible.
    However, Iphone-4 can decode very closed an h.264 video of HD720P.
    I have tested it with a lot of video a day to know the specification for Iphone-4.
    Some results make me so surprised because I can find a serious bug in h.264 decoder of Iphone-4.

    Maximum Resolution : 1264 x 704
    (79 MBs in Row and 44 MBs in Column, where MB means Macroblock with 16×16 resolution)
    Main-Profile : Supported
    B-frame : There is a serious bug in large scaled video approximately 720P (not 720P).
    Even though a media player or quick time can play a video including B-frames, Iphone-4 cannot decode it correctly. In my opinion, there is a serious bug about an evaluation of bilocated motion vector in the decoder chipset of Iphone-4.

    Bitrate : I test video up to 3Mbps. By now, I don’t know the limitation of bit-rate which Iphone-4 can decode with.
    Multi-slice : supported. The video with 2-slices can be decoded in an Iphone-4.

    Recommended Specification
    Main-Profile Level 3.1
    Resolution 1264×704 @ 3Mbps without B-frame

  • cvblair

    I open my iPhone in PhoneView ($20), copy the movie to my computer, then share it via QuickTime Player X. Works perfectly.

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