Cisco Cius : Android tablet for businesses coming in 2011

Cisco has unveiled its first entry into the tablet market, the Cisco Cius, another 7-inch Android tablet, but this one is aimed at business users. While it boasts a pretty decent spec sheet, it’s easy to see that Cisco isn’t gunning for the Apple iPad.

The Cius boasts both a 5-megapixel camera on the back and a front-facing camera capable of 720p HD for video conferencing. Since this is an Android tablet, the Market will be available for downloading applications.

Not all Android tablets actually come with the Market installed, so it’s nice, yet maybe slightly odd for a tablet aimed for business users, but no complaints here! The device also supports an accelerometer,  802.11 a/b/g/n WiFi, as well as 3G when you’re on the go. A 4G version will be released “at a later date,” according to the press release.

The 7-inch tablet will also come with Cisco’s suite of business applications, such as: Quad, Show and Share, WebEx Connect,WebEx Meeting Center, Presence, and interoperability with Cisco TelePresence. Anything else you could want will have to be downloaded from the Android Market,if you can find it. The Cius will also sport a detachable battery that will give you an 8 hour battery life, so they say.

The device weighs in at a light 1.15 lbs, so it should be able be carried just about everywhere with its size and weight.

The Cisco Cius isn’t trying to be the one tablet to rule them all like the iPad. The Cius is aiming for a specific group and will appeal more to people looking for a tablet to use at work, opposed to the 15-year-old girl who wants the iPad to play Angry Birds. The more competition the better – that way, we all win.

Now if we could actually get a real consumer aimed Android tablet out of the gate, I won’t have to look forward to tablets that may never materialize. Sorry, Streak, you just won’t do.

Test versions of the device will come in the third quarter of the year, with a wide launch in the beginning of next year.

[Via: CrunchGear]

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