CyanogenMod 6 bringing Android 2.2 Froyo to Nexus One and Motorola Droid soon!

We knew that the team over at CyanogenMod would be releasing Android 2.2 Froyo ROMs to devices soon, but we thought we’d give you an update on their progress. Things seem to be going along very well for the team, with an expected test release of CyanogenMod 6 for Nexus One and Motorola Droid phones – possibly by this weekend.

This is what the CyanogenMod team has to say about the Froyo release:

Here’s where we stand so far.. Most of the CyanogenMod extras have been merged. Some features are being reworked (like trackball settings), new device ports are well underway. The first devices to see CM6 experimental releases will most likely be the Nexus One and Droid simply because those are the devices that “just work”. The Dream/Sapphire port has everything working but one small issue remains. Wes Garner has the Slide port well underway. I don’t have a status report of the Desire, Incredible, and Evo versions at this time.

Nexus One and Droid users have something to look forward to this weekend, if a test release does indeed come out. It looks like they have wasted no time since the Android 2.2 Froyo source code was released. MyTouch 3G users shouldn’t have to wait much longer either as it sounds like there’s just one small issue keeping it from being released.

This is really what makes me love Android so much – having a community of developers dedicated to taking what Google has given them to the next level. CyanogenMod 6 will allow users to reap all the benefits of Froyo, with some great mods and extras thrown into the mix.

It won’t be much longer until CyanogenMod will be running on a handful of devices before those devices get any sort of official Froyo update, and that alone is enough to get anyone with a first generation Android phone excited. Best of all, after many of the releases are out and about, more developers will pick them up and modify them to have even more functionality.

Things are looking good on their side, now we just have to hold out a little longer.

[Via: CyanogenMod]

  • jerry

    Hi, I clicked on cyanogen here to get to cyanogen — I didn't — I got to another intomobile page. I clicked cyanogen there to get to cyanogen. I didn't. I got to another intomobile page.

    Along the way I got ads for bing, and crap from vibrant and pop-ups.

    Blake. Go fuck yourself. Die. Take your website with you.

    • blakestimac

      OK Jerry, right back at you. The link to the source page is at the bottom. Where it says [Via: CyanogenMod]
      Have fun pretending to read!

  • JerrysADouche

    Hey Jerry, before you bash someone why not click the "via: Cyanogen" link at the bottom of the article that takes you to the site.

  • Adriana

    Great info, thanks Jerry. I can't wait to get Froyo on my mytouch3g. Though I think I'll be getting another phone soon, I love keeping my phone up-to-date with all the new tools and eye-candy the android community offers its users. Thanks again. Keep it up!


    cool, finally cyanogen is getting in the game…. since blackdroid has had his ultimate droid froyo relased for a week, hopefully they will stop crying about some imagned slight. and now we all know you is the better dev!!!!

  • Icc

    Ultimate Droid eXtreme… been 2.2 for a while now. Fully customized and snappy…

  • UD USER2

    Do you guys realize that UD has been delivering Froyo ROMS like crazy? I have never had my phone run so smooth. Cyan, you might want to catch up in the game…

  • George

    What the hell is cyanogen? Do I have to Google it or can you just tell us what it is? I hear a lot of, “Well, this and that might not work but you can go to the cyanogen site.” I’ve got the HTC EVO and I just want to free up space. My daughter is saying her phone is chopping off text messages. Google doesn’t work. You type in a query and you get something totally different. Yeah, this is a good time to be an Android geek – no one else knows what the hell is going on. While the cell phone companies get rich.

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