Nexus One users receiving another Android 2.2 Froyo OTA update

Anyone surprised to hear that Google has started pushing out yet another OTA software update for the Android 2.2 software on the Nexus One? The N1 might not be the most popular Android phone on the market right now, but it sure is getting a lot of update, however small that update might be.

The only way you’ll be able to get your sticky paws on the update is if you’re running the FRF85B version of Android 2.2 Froyo. The new OTA, FRF91 is simply an add-on to the previous build, which more likely than not is just a bug-fixing update. Coming in at under a megabyte, don’t expect any noticeable difference after updating to this latest Froyo version, as it’s probably addressing some back-end stuff that’s never seen by the user. Thanks Google, staying on top of things, but damn, you sure are pushing out a lot of Android 2.2 updates.

Nexus One users from both T-Mobile and AT&T are reportedly seeing the update, but how aggressively the OTA is being pushed out is unknown. Even if you don’t receive this Froyo update anytime soon, I wouldn’t worry, there’s nothing that you’re going to see different about the device. It is nice to see that Google is pushing these updates so quickly as soon as they find something that needs tending to, but it’s almost a little overwhelming. Whatever the update holds, hopefully this will be all the fixes that Froyo needs right now.

As with the other Froyo updates thrown at us, expect a rooted version in no time. If your Nexus One was rooted prior to the Froyo updates, you would lose root, along with all the cool things you would do with it. If you wanted to keep root, you’d have to wait for one of the many awesome developers to give the update the correct permission. If not, you’d go back to stock Android, which isn’t horrible, but that means more waiting for Android hackers and modders to do their thing. This is why it can get a tad frustrating when Google releases so many updates in such a small amount of time.

Rest assured, the new update is on its way, and while it may not be a noticeable difference in your experience, it’s nice to know that Google is still hard at work. Now, if they could get on to more pressing issues, that would be great.

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