Apple’s elusive White iPhone 4 caught in the wild

As Apple fans continue to snatch up record numbers of the Black iPhone 4 smartphone, we have yet to see the company start officially pushing out the White iPhone 4 units to the public. Apple cites manufacturing difficulties as the cause for the delay of White “iPhour” launch, but that hasn’t stopped one Japanese “source” from leaking spy pics of a fairer-colored Apple phone hanging out in the wild.

What you see here is the retail packaging for the unreleased iPhone 4 variant, the iPhour itself, and the smartphone getting cozy with an iPhone dock. The images don’t necessarily show anything new – we actually got a chance to play with a White iPhour at Apple’s WWDC 2010 conference earlier this year – but it is good to see that the white glass is floating around out there.

We have no idea if the spy pics are real, or how the “source” was able to get their hands on the fabled handset. But, then again, we have no reason to believe that they are fake.

Apple says that they will have the lightly-colored version of their latest iPhone ready for public consumption later this month (second half of July). We’re hearing that the delay is rooted in the more challenging manufacturing process required to make white glass components. We’re not sure about the manufacturing specifics that make white glass more difficult to make than black glass, but it seems to make sense.

Either way, if you just can’t wait for the iPhone 4 to launch later this month in a color that’s not Black, you can always pick up a White Sprint HTC EVO 4G from Best Buy. Of course, that would mean you’d be changing tracks from iPhone to Android (and picking up a massive 4.3-inch display and 4G data speeds in the process). On second thought, you might just be better off waiting.

[Via: MacRumors]

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