Samsung Epix (SGH-i907) gets Windows Mobile 6.5 update

In a move that surprised many myself included, Samsung has released a Windows Mobile 6.5 update for its Epix (SGH-i907) smartphone. It’s a surprising news because AT&T doesn’t sell the phone anymore — at least not from its website. Moreover, Samsung is not exactly known for keeping its devices always up to date. As you may know, it basically forgot about the i7500 Galaxy users, which still wait to see their smartphone updated to Android 1.6 (not to mention Android 2.1 or 2.2).

Anyway, if you’re one of “not that many” Epix customers, you’ll want to hop over to this page, download the software and follow instructions provided on the screen. Make sure to backup all your data before clicking the “Update” button. Even though your data is most likley safe, it is a good practice to it stored (especially contacts and other PIM data) on two places – both on your computer and mobile phone…

[Via: SamsungHub]

  • Oudam_printing

    Hi sir
     My phone be set up windows, I don’t know set it can u tell me

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