AT&T handing out FREE MicroCells to ‘select’ customers

AT&T is  sending some of it’s customers certificates that will allow them to get a free 3G MicroCell “femtocell” mini-cell tower for better reception in their home. It’s not clear what tricks you need to turn so you actually receive one of these free 3G MicroCell vouchers, but we do know that you need to be the “Most Valuable” kind of customer.

How or what you have to do to qualify to get one of these bad boys is beyond us, but it looks like AT&T is giving out free MicroCell units to “select users” whose iPhone contracts are up in a couple months. Can AT&T swoon their customers into staying another two years? Maybe. Perhaps they should send one to all the iPhone 4 owners while their at it, since they are the ones who seem to be having the most reception issues. If you did receive one of these certificates, all you need to do is present it at an AT&T store, and you’ll get the MicroCell without paying a dime. But who knows for how long.

This would certainly help customers who have poor reception in their homes. Simply hook the MicroCell up to your broadband connection and you’ve got a local cell tower in your own home. Customers in metropolitan cities may benefit from this greatly, as cities like New York and San Francisco are known for notorious reception. This could alleviate this significantly, especially if you’re in a dead zone. While some users need to pay $20 bucks a month to use the service, it looks like those who are eligible to receive a free MicroCell may have the monthly fee waived as well.

Who knows, maybe those who have called customer service a couple of times to complain about reception issues are receiving the MicroCells, or maybe it’s just AT&T attempt to keep customers with them, since they have yet to upgrade to the gorgeous, yet somewhat crippled iPhone 4? It’s also possible that AT&T is just testing out a free MicroCell promotion to see how the $0 price tag affects adoption. Whatever the case, free is good, and we hope you get yours soon!

[Via: PCMag]

  • OutInTheBoonies

    I got my letter in the mail today, offering me a free MicroCell. My husband did too. I would not consider myself a most valued customer. I switched to AT&T from Verizon about 6 months ago, so I could get an iphone. I do not use a lot of minutes a month nor have I ever called to complain about service. Our house is in a dead zone for cell service. You can get service if you stand at the corner of the kitchen counter, lift up your left leg, stick your right hand in the air, and pray. But if you breath while talking, you lose your connection. Perhaps they are offering the free MicroCell to us because they know reception sucks out here! Anyway, I'm happy to have the MicroCell; hopefully they will actually have enough of them in the stores.

  • Steve A.

    Received my free MicroCell voucher on Monday. I went to the local AT&T Store listed on the voucher (Mission Valley-San Diego) and they were out of them. They took my name and number and told me they would give me a call when they would be available. The sales rep said most likely they would come in the next day, but so far no return phone call. We'll see if it's too good to be true.

  • Donald Webster

    FWIW, the $20/month fee gives you unlimited calling when you're using your MicroCell. If you don't pay the $20/month, calls just use your minutes like normal… even though they're using your broadband to fix their coverage issues.

  • kreoke

    So I guess you have to have an Iphone to get the micor cell??/ I have NO reception in my home…

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