• Jimmy

    why does this phone look different to every other galaxy s??

    • Eric

      well the International version of Galaxy S looks like the iPhone.. it'd be best to differentiate with a new look on AT&T which sells the iPhone … at least that's what I think

    • Desty

      Every Galaxy S variant looks slightly different from the European version. The closest resemblance is the Vibrant with T-Mobile.

  • Bunkai

    Every U.S. release of the Galazy S has had it's case and various specs tweaked to differentiate them between the 5 providers that are getting them. They also have all been given unique nicknames such as "Captivate" and are then additional branded as "a Galaxy S device" which means that they share many of the same key hardware aspects such as proc, ram, display, etc.

  • Debbi

    I am new to this which do you like better–new iphone 4 or Captivate?

  • Joey

    im very disapointed in apple for trying to fix a hardware problem with a free case, so as far as im concerned, im sold, go android. shout out to samsung for that super amoled.

  • Dee

    I just got this phone… and I LOVE IT!!! I've always come back to samsung phones… This one blows iphone out of the water!

  • Kapehe

    the phone rocks. has everything the IPhone4 has except for the video chat – which no one can really use yet anyway. PLUS the expandable memory is a GREAT feature. I went in to order an IPhone 4 but fell in love with the Samsung Captivate.

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