International Samsung Galaxy S root method works for US variants

We’ve seen Android devices getting rooted before they are officially available, and the US variants of the Samsung Galaxy S are no exception. The US Samsung Galaxy S variants have apparently already gotten root and are ready for your hacking pleasure.

The international version of the Galaxy S root method seems to work just as well for the T-Mobile Vibrant and the AT&T Captivate. This means you can go out and buy the Vibrant tomorrow and root it immediately. LeshaK of Samdroid was first to gain root access to the original Galaxy S, and the fellows at XDA worked some magic to get it working with the US versions. Glad to see that some manufacturers aren’t locking people out of their devices, cough, Motorola Droid X, cough.

To me, this just makes the Vibrant more appealing. I like the look of the Vibrant the best, as it looks closest to the stock Galaxy S. What’s even more exciting is that it probably won’t take long to get a custom Android 2.2 Froyo ROM on this bad boy. Say, CyanogenMod 6?

Thanks to the root method, if you don’t like the Samsung TouchWiz UI, you can have a new software running on it in the near future. There’s been a custom ROM for the original Galaxy S around for a little while now, but has yet to be tested on one of the US models.

The root is as simple as connecting your device to your computer, and flashing a file. This will give you root access, and you can get to downloading some root-only applications! With Galaxy S variants hitting every major US carrier, the dev community will likely seize this device as one of their go-to development devices. It’s doubtful that it will take the Nexus One throne as king of mod-happy Android phones, but it’s proving to be a close second!

So what do you say? Going with the S Life?

[Via: AndroidAndMe]

  • David Y Kay

    Spelling error: "cease" should be "seize"

  • zoocruzz

    nice! I gotta get me one of these babys! Goodbye g1!!!

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