Motorola Droid X lands on Verizon today!

You’ve seen the commercials and hopefully read our review, but Verizon Wireless is launching the Motorola Droid X today.

The handset rocks a large 4.3-inch screen (same resolution as the Droid), Android 2.1, an 8-megapixel camera with flash and HD video recording, WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth and more. The Motorola Droid X is the flagship handset on Verizon and it is probably the carrier’s best chance to counter the Apple iPhone 4 juggernaut on AT&T.

Some of you may be disappointed that this won’t rock Android 2.2 or Froyo out of the gates but Motorola and Verizon promise this upgrade will come in late summer. This will bring an Adobe Flash experience that isn’t compromised (Motorola says), improved web browsing and more.

How did we like the latest Motorola Droid X handset?

Whatever sports metaphor you want to apply is appropriate for the Droid X, as Motorola hit a home run/slam dunked it/won the World Cup with this flagship handset from Verizon. It sports a lust-worthy design, has all the features you’d expect from a top-shelf smartphone, the software is really good and it’s relatively future proof for upcoming versions of Android. If you’re on Verizon and are eligible for an upgrade this year, there’s no reason to not buy the Droid X when it comes out July 15, even if you’re a fan of physical keyboards (the virtual one is just that good). It’s even good enough to lure Apple iPhone owners over to the dark side.

Hopefully, everyone who wants a Motorola Droid X will be able to get one today, as we heard rumors that this would be in short supply. Verizon said its supplies will be ample but the carrier is making it easy to upgrade, so we’ll see how it goes. Let us know if you were able to get one in the comments and also give us your thoughts on the Android handset.

How does the handset compare to other top-shelf smartphones? Check out our Superphone Shootout and you can dive into the full review here.

Motorola Droid X Review

  • Mckenna

    I just called the store and they are orderig them and they can be in your hand in 2 days! So not a bad wait!

  • Paul

    Verizon Stores in Chicago area all out of stock of Droid X phones…Some stores when called said they only received 5 or 10 phones and these were sold in 10 minutes after the store opened. Seems all corporate Verizon stores got less than enough phonex to meet the Droid X demand. Bad planning if you ask me…..

  • Sheri

    Ordered mine online this morning, with the free overnight shipping it will be tomorrow!!! Oh, and I only had to pay $99.99 for it.

  • Johnny Pants

    Ordered mine online today with free overnight shipping…will have it in my grubby mits tomorrow! Cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!
    Verizon could not have made it easier – and when I had to illicit customer support's assistance because I had to change my plan around, they (Thanks Matt!) went out of their way to accomodate me. Eat that, Apple!

  • Tom

    Two stores both only had received 6 and had them sold in an hour. Why would you not be more prepared. Online is better anyway don't have to do the rebate thing!!

  • marin

    Hey guys, let us know how the Droid X treats you.

  • DDD

    Just got the Droid X today and although I can get it to connect to my 2007 Nissan, it is completely useless so far. It will make a call but the rings are very broken, when the other end picks up, they are very broken sounding as well and they cannot hear me at all. I have had several Motorola and Blackberry phones that I have used in this car over the last 3 years, and this is the first one that I cannot get to work. Anyone else having issues with the bluetooth for their cars, or have any suggestions that might be able to correct the problem

    • sam

      Yes….. trouble with my Prius. No problems with my Blackberry Tour.

      • DDD

        Any suggestions so far on a work around?? Spent about an hour on the phone today with Verizon rep with no solution. It will however connect to an older bluetooth that I had sitting around the house. I will not be too happy and will most likely return it if I cannot get a good connection to the car.

    • eric63071

      been trying to connect to my jawbone ($100+ modern piece of equipment) and the Droid X will not connect to it. I have also been trying – close to 7 hours of phone calls with IT departments, Verizon and Motorola – to try and get the phone to accept emails from my website. I can send emails, but not receive. Its driving me NUTS and its the most important email I have to receive emails to. I am being told constantly to take the plunge and get the new iPhone – but I categorically refuse to switch to AT&T. Whats the use of an amazing phone when you can't make a phone call with it?

    • Jeff

      Same problem for me. I have a 2008 Altima and I can pair the phone just fine, but the connection is very static-filled and I can hear the caller on the other end but they can't hear me at all. This is a major pain in the butt.

  • DDD

    So far so good with the exception of the Bluetooth connection for my car. All the stores/kiosks at the mall I was at this afternoon said they had between 5-10 of them and it was no issue for me to get mine today.

  • Callie

    I also cannot get it to connect with my 2007 Prius…blackberry curve was perfect …any ideas?

  • CB

    I just got a Droid X, can’t enter the code on my Prius. Blackberry used to work just fine. Any ideas?

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