Remember The Milk for Android updated with auto-complete for Smart Add, smarter auto-syncing and more

One of the most popular task management services, Remember The Milk, has once again updated its Android app. This release packs two important features:

  • Auto-complete for Smart Add – making it super fast to add tasks in the app.
  • Smarter auto-syncing – which no longer requires waiting around for auto-sync.

Additionally, this version packs tons of fixes and enhancements such as:

  • Updated widget styles for Android 2.x.
  • Tasks now repeat correctly after a repeating task is deleted and the “Continue Repeating” option selected.
  • Searches/Smart List criteria containing the OR NOT operators now return the correct results.
  • Time estimates when the device language is not English are now interpreted correctly.
  • Smart Add now uses the default list setting when adding tasks.
  • Fixed issues related to saving note changes.
  • Empty Smart Lists now show a count of “0” instead of “smart”.
  • Searches for completed tasks now default to the completed task view.
  • “^never” is now recognized in Smart Add if the Default Due Date option is “Today”.
  • “due:never” is now inherited in a Smart List if the Default Due Date option is “Today”.
  • Fixed issue with text in Add Task bar disappearing when accidentally touching outside the field.
  • Fixed issue with due date display in some widgets.

Finally, RTM is re-starting a 15-day trial period for all non-Premium members. If you’ve already used your two weeks of free service with an earlier Android app, you can repeat the process again and see for yourself is it worth upgrading. I think it is. 😉

[Via: RTM Blog]

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