Gameloft Releases Let’s Golf 2 on iPhone

As fun as EA Mobile’s Tiger Woods golf titles are, I personally am a fan of arcade style golf games over realistic ones. That’s why I’ve always enjoyed games like Hot Shots Golf and Mario Golf on the consoles, but Gameloft’s Let’s Golf has been giving the same great experience on the iPhone & Android for over a year now. It looks like Gameloft has just released the official sequel to their popular game with Let’s Golf 2.

Let’s Golf 2 brings the same experience you’ve loved in Let’s Golf with a bunch of improvements. The game features 8 playable characters, each rendered in full 3D and their gear and clothes are fully customizable. As you progress through the game, you’ll be able to unlock more gear and clothes which can also improve your skills. Each character also possesses their own unique super power which can give them an edge. Powers like stopping the ball, making it sticky, or the ability to rewind can be used once the player fills up their character’s super power meter.

Multiple game modes are also available. Players can play through an in-depth Career mode, or play through new challenges like Shoot Out & Closest Pin. The game has a total of 108 holes players can discover across 6 locales such as Mount Olympus Golf Club, a Royal Safari in Kenya, and a Winter Wonderland in Greenland. Each location has its own unique look and challenges to overcome.

We all know how much fun you have playing with yourself, but Let’s Golf 2 allows you to play your friends as well in one of three different multiplayer modes: Online Wi-Fi, Local Wi-Fi, & Bluetooth. Online leaderboards are also available so you can show off just how good a golfer you really are. Gameloft LIVE! support offers trophies that can be unlocked through completing specific tasks in the game.

Let’s Golf 2 ($4.99) – [iTunes Link]

  • Bobbie Jack

    its dead to me without an Android Version.

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