TELUS Receives HTC Desire Dummy Units: Launch Imminent

TELUS HTC Desire Dummy Units

TELUS HTC Desire Dummy Units

For those of you waiting to get your hands on the HTC Desire from TELUS, it’s looking like the wait is almost over. Our good buds at MobileSyrup have reported that dummy units are arriving in-store… which can only mean one thing… the launch will be upon us real soon!

In a quick recap if you haven’t been following the Desire and it’s trip to Canadian shores… it all started back at the beginning of this month. Word came out that TELUS staffers had begun training on the Desire. From there, TELUS actually announced the darn thing, although no official launch date or pricing were made available. Now, with the dummy units showing up in-store, me thinks the launch will be here sooner than later.

With TELUS still keeping their yappers closed on this one, we have heard that pricing will run a little something like this (keep in mind, this is all just rumor):

  • 1-year contract: $499.95
  • 2-year contract: $399.95
  • 3-year contract: $299.95
  • off-contract: no details available as of yet

As I said, expect to hear more about the HTC Desire on TELUS real soon. The Android 2.1 packing, 3.7″ (800×480) displayin’, WiFi, GPS, 5 megapixel camera shootin’, 1GHz processin’ with Sense UI totin’ device is coming to Canada any day now. I can’t wait to get my hands on this one!

  • Dave

    Those prices weren't the real ones, they were placeholder in the comments.

    It's almost confirmed that the 3-year contract will have the phone at $79,99.

  • Shark

    I hope dave is right…because signing on for a totally new three yr term..and still having to shell out 300 bucks in addition….. would make me run…..away…….i want the phone..but no i dropping a new long term and that much…..$$$$$$$$$

  • Tania

    is it like T-8days? or is the actual date (1st week of August) still valid?

  • Tania

    n. . .is it gsm like the hero? n this last q, might prove my ignorance. . .but. . .if it is like the hero n is gsm based. . .do i still have to unlock it when i got to Bangladesh, Malaysia, and Indonesia (going there in December for a vacation woot woot!!)? or does the android do something about it?

  • Paul Grzy

    Those prices are ones without a data plan aka aquisitional pricing vs promo pricing (with data). The unit itself is $549.99 out right.

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