BlackBerry 9780 Packs OS 6 in Bold Form Factor

A picture of a new BlackBerry running OS 6 has bubbled up, potentially joining the ranks of the 9800 slider, the 9670 clamshell, and the Storm 3 in RIM’s upcoming lineup. The 9780 could easily round out RIM’s introduction of their next generation operating system with a more traditional form factor. As far as hard specs go, we hear the BlackBerry 9780 will have 512 MB of memory, but that’s about it. It looks nearly identical to the Bold 9700, but UAProf documents have verified that this one is indeed a different device.

This 9780 sounds an awful lot like what the 9700a was supposed to be: essentially, an OS 6-capable Bold. If the two are in fact the same, and previous rumours of specs line up, we can expect the 9780 to also have a 5 megapixel camera, which seems to be the new camera standard for BlackBerrys. The BlackBerry Atlas will likely be the 9780’s CDMA counterpart, and has a largely similar stat line.

Not too shabby, if a bit samey. For the BlackBerry faithful, the flip, touchscreen slate, and slider form factors will be a little too unfamiliar, so it’s good that RIM’s providing an option for those who are entirely happy with how the devices are already laid out.

[via Salomondrin]

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