It’s official: Sprint EVO 4G getting Android 2.2 August 3

Android 2.2 Sprint EVO 4G
Android 2.2 Sprint EVO 4G

Good news Sprint EVO 4G users, as the carrier just said you’ll be getting Android 2.2, or Froyo, next week.

This will be the first smartphone to get Android 2.2 besides Google’s now-defunct Nexus One and the firmware offers a host of new and much-needed features.

“It is exciting for us to lead the industry in bringing the Android 2.2 update to these customers and improve on the amazing experience they receive with America’s first 4G capable phone,” said Fared Adib, vice president – Product Development for Sprint, in a prepared statement.

The biggest new addition of Android 2.2 could be full support for Adobe Flash technology, which will enable users to view videos within the browser, as well as play multiple online games. Check out our video of how Android 2.2 handles Adobe Flash on the Nexus one:

Other improvements of Android 2.2 to the HTC EVO 4G include native tethering and mobile hotspot options, although the carrier will still be able to charge for this feature. You’ll be happy to know that the software will also enable you to auto-update your apps, as well. Sprint said other improvements include:

• Voice Dialing Over Bluetooth.
• Application Storage on External Memory, giving users more storage room for all their apps.
• Camera 4-way rotation allows the camera icons to rotate with the camera.
• Improved Browser Performance including a faster JavaScript engine and Flash 10x Support improving the user’s ability to view videos and available content associated with web pages.

The Android 2.2 update should come as an over-the-air update update beginning next Tuesday, and it will roll out in waves. Users will also be able to manually download the Froyo update beginning next week.

So, it look like EVO 4G users are the winner of the Android 2.2 race but other superphones should soon get the new firmware. We’ve already seen a Froyo leak hit the HTC Droid Incredible and Verizon and Motorola said 2.2 will be coming to the Droid X by “late summer.”

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