iVdopia launches V5, multi-platform HTML5 video ad platform

iVdopia - mobile marketing agency

iVdopia announced the launch of V5, what they say is the first multi-platform HTML5 video platform that provides an unified video ad experience across all devices and smartphones.

Here’s the problem iVdopia tried to tackle (from the press release):

Up until now, advertisers and agencies were required to develop multiple versions and formats of video ad campaigns in order to support viewership on Flash and non-Flash devices – an inefficient and time-consuming process that plagued the industry.

With the V5 solution, advertisers create a single video that can be served across various devices, whether they support Flash or not — i.e. “create once, run anywhere” concept. Moreover, iVdopia’s Future5 authoring tool will also be available with the V5.

As a reminder, iVdopia introduced the first mobile ads that let users stay within the application in March 2009. Moreover, the company also introduced the first social media ads for mobile with Talk2Me; the first HD advertisements on the iPad; and the highly engaging Viper Ads.

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