Smartphones shipments grew 64% world wide, Android grew 886% too

Analysts at Canalys have crunched the latest facts and figures from everyone’s Q2 financial results and have unearthed that smartphones shipments grew 64% world wide compared to Q2 2009, and that the number of Android device that have shipped in the same year on year period has increased a startling 886%.

Nokia has maintained their lead, with 38% market share, mainly due to the fact that they ship such low priced Symbian handsets. Their smartphone shipments, which came in a record 23.8 million in Q2, is an increase of 41% a year ago. In other words, Nokia is growing slower than the market. RIM’s BlackBerry series of devices also shipped 41% more units compared to the year ago period. The Canadian based manufacturer maintains an 18% market share, putting them right behind Symbian.

Apple’s iPhone shipments grew 61% over the course of a year, again slower than the 64% total segment growth, but those increased shipments put it right behind RIM as the third most best selling platform with 13% for the quarter.

The most impressive figure out of all the data tabulated at Canalys were the Android figures. Remember now, the smartphone market grew at a rate of 64% year on year. Android growth? Almost 900%. Now when you start out with almost nothing, of course any gain is going to look huge, but if Android maintains half, or even a quarter of this growth, then they’re going to eat Nokia and Apple’s lunch in a matter of a year or two.

As for some local numbers: the US smartphone market grew 41% year on year, and it’s the largest smartphone market in the world with 14.7 million units sold during the quarter. To put that into numbers worth of headlines: Americans buy 1 out of every 5 smartphones sold in the world during Q2 2010. Android represented 34% of the smartphones sold in the US during the last quarter, a rise of 851%.

To put that into comparison, China is the second largest smartphone market, and they only purchased 6.9 million smartphones, giving them 11% of the global smartphone market.

And finally some US market share figures: RIM had 32.1% of smartphone sales in Q2, Apple had 21.7%, HTC had 14.4% and “others” accounted for 31.8%.

  • Charbax

    The most important statistic is that Android sales in USA is faster than RIM and Apple. Those stats are before including even Droid X, Samsung Galaxy S, HTC EVO and certain other newer Android devices. Basically Android is the best selling smart phone platform in the USA, and that is early in the game, with several more vendors joining the Android market in the coming months.

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