BlackBerry Torch 9800 Coming to Canada through Rogers, Bell, and Telus

All three major Canadian carriers have confirmed with me that they will be offering the BlackBerry Torch 9800 which was announced today on AT&T. No details on pricing or specific dates, but Rogers says it’ll be here in “the coming weeks”, while Telus will only say it’ll be here sometime this year, and Bell was the most specific, saying it’ll arrive this fall. Bell will definitely be picking it up through its little brother, Virgin Mobile. Odds are good that the three launches will happen relatively close to one another. Also, it seems likely that they’ll match AT&T’s $199 price point only, y’know, on a three-year plan instead of two.

The BlackBerry 9800 is RIM’s next generation handset with all-new hardware and software. It’s got an HVGA touchscreen that skips SurePress, a 5 megapixel camera with autofocus and flash, Wi-Fi b/g/n that allows wireless music syncing, HSPA 3G capable of world roaming, and GPS juiced-up by some new APIs.

Take a look at our breakdown of BlackBerry 6 to see most of the new features, or our pre-announcement analysis to understand why the 9800 is such a big deal for RIM.

UPDATE: Bell, Rogers, and Telus have each confirmed that they will be offering the BlackBerry Torch 9800 on September 24. Bell and Rogers are selling it for $199 on contract, but Telus hasn’t confirmed pricing yet.

  • Nick


    • Feragola

      If you exclude all of the Android phones and the fact that in the US you can only get it on one carrier.

    • jason

      totally man, it's awesome i think i'll get one for my birthday in october or something
      i can totally live with it for 3 years all my friends at school'll be soooo jealous it'll be sweet a¸manÉ!

      • Gil

        Hey Guys – Sorry! You need to try a real smart phone. I had an iphone and because it would not properly sync with outlook, I was confinced to switch to a so-called new better blackberry torch!! Not! After you have used both, you will realize that the torch is a joke to the word smartphone. My old Palm 755 had better, faster and easier tools then this torch. It has 3 good features. 1. it syncs great with outlook contacts, memos, & tasks for us business folks. 2. it has a real keyboard. 3. it has blackberry messenger. That is it. Everyother feature it is garbage as compared to an iphone. New phone buyers, if you want a great smart-phone that you can turn on and use with no hassles (other then to properly sync with outlook-for now), buy an iphone. RIM should torch the torch or buy an iphone and try to figure out how to build a better phone. no wonder their stock price is going down.

  • freddy

    hey jason nobody cares if u want one for ur birthday in october faggit

  • sandman

    rofl…im with freddy…you’re probably gonna lose it or break it anyways within 3 years….

  • sandman

    and when exactly can I get one of these from Rogers?

  • Vijaykhilare10

    its too beneficial for business purpose,good looking & stylish mobile ………..vijay

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