Rock Show 2.0 allows iPhone and iPod Touch users to shop for concert posters, too

Rock Show for iPhone and iPod Touch

Digital media company Neutrinos released Rock Show 2.0, which now is a universal app with that not only works on the Apple iPad, but also on the iPhone and iPod Touch. As you may know from our previous post on the application, it allows you to browse, share and order hand-made, limited edition concert and music posters. Moreover (again as we talked about it in the past), most poster orders are shipped by the artist that originally created them.

Of course, iPhone 4’s Retina display is supported, offering “incredible visual fidelity of the artwork.”

In addition to the iPhone/iPod Touch optimizations, Rock Show 2.0 launches with exclusive availability of Guy Burwell’s Silversun Pickups poster from July 29th, 2010 concert in Portland, Oregon, U.S. Thirty copies of the poster are available exclusively for order through the Rock Show app.

Rock Show remains the free app and you can grab it from a link below.

Rock Show (FREE) [iTunes link]

  • craig

    Looks like a pretty sweet application. Can you use the images as wallpapers? I dig these artsy independent apps.

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