PSA: First Android 2.2 Froyo leak for the Droid X is a hoax

Image of the front and back of the Motorola Droid X for Verizon
Image of the front and back of the Motorola Droid X for Verizon

All you Motorola Droid X users are probably foaming at the mouth right now in anticipation of the Android 2.2 Froyo update for your sizable smartphone, and today it seemed that your wait had come to an end. A couple tech blogs were reporting that the Android 2.2 ROM for the Droid X had been leaked, and was ready to endow your big-screened Motorola handset with some sweet Froyo lovin’! But, user beware, the ROM in question is not legit and is not going to do anything other than frustrate you to no end. Do not download it.

When the Nexus One first got a Froyo build leaked, about 4 different versions of virtually the same build followed it. With the Froyo update looming just over the horizon for Droid X users, it’s easy to see how someone could get worked up and tricked into thinking that the real-deal Android 2.2 ROM had been leaked for the X. Alas, it seems that this here update is nothing more than Froyo for the original Droid, which is being rolled out by Verizon this week and has also been legitimately leaked (nevermind the use of “legitimate” and “leak” in the same sentence) – in fact, we have a tutorial on how to manually update your Motorola Droid to Android 2.2.

The first clue that tipped us off to the illegitimate nature of this “leak” was that one of the links to the Froyo file pointed to Google. It would make sense to see the Android 2.2 ROM for the Droid on Google’s servers, because the handset provided a true Google experience and avoided the use of custom skins. But, the Motorola Droid X uses the MotoBlur skin atop Android 2.1 OS, which means it’ll probably never get an official update from Google. The second clue is in the update instructions, which makes reference to a keyboard key. The X has no physical keyboard. Done.

Go ahead and check out the link below to see the Droid Froyo ROM masquerading as the Droid X Froyo ROM for yourself. Just don’t try to install it, okay?

Android 2.2 for Droid X – NOT SO FAST!

  • scabby

    It seemed less like a malicious hoax and more like Fernando over at LA News Monitor just didn't know his smartphones from his own ass, and simply got the name wrong. They still haven't fixed it.

  • DroidFan

    For those of you who have not yet rec'd the FroYo update – you can watch Flash videos on your android device NOW by downloading Skyfire Mobile Browser.

  • droid x


  • Chuck

    I have a Sprint 4G Evo and I updated my phone to Android 2.2 on 8/3 with no problems. Great phone and great OS sure beats the pants off my old windows mobile which sucked by the way…

  • wowthisishorrible

    This is the worst blog ever… This update is for DROID. Not the X. The X 2.2 Leak is out there and is real. It has also been hacked to enable custom roms. So please do not post crap like this on the net.

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