We Farm for iPhone and iPad – ngmoco Wants You To Work The Land

As fun as it is to rule over an entire kingdom in We Rule, sometimes you need to get back to basics – the basics of farming the land and reaping what you sow and being at one with… you get the point. As the saying goes, “Learn to walk before you run.” That’s where ngmoco’s newest game, We Farm, comes in.

If you’ve ever played We Rule, then you’ll feel right at home in We Farm. Instead of ruling over an entire kingdom, players take control of their own farmland. The game starts you off with a barn and a dream, but soon enough, you’ll be milking cows, feeding chickens, and picking sunflowers in no time. You’ll also be able to visit friends on your Plus+ service in order purchase goods and materials from their virtual lands, which increases both yours and their experience.

As with all of ngmoco’s games, We Farm is completely free to download and allows players to pay for “Gro”, which is used to grow their crops and plants faster. In other words, if you have patience, you can play the game without ever spending a dime. Best of all, the game is available on both the iPhone & iPad, so you can play on your platform of choice right from the get-go. Since your game is saved on ngmoco’s servers, you’ll be able to access your game data from either device.

We Farm for iPhone (FREE) – [iTunes Link]

We Farm for iPad (FREE) – [iTunes Link]

  • Libby D

    We Farm needs more variety of animals like different chicken breeds, more apple trees available, a garden each level up, magic crops like We Rule, variety of goats, cows, horses, etc, and orange, lemon,orchards, It also needs to expand the land to other realms so it looks like a real fram. It needs a chicken house, ou builds, nice horse barns and open grazing area for animals. This will keep it from getting boring.

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