MyTown Now Available in Canada, the UK, and Australia

Booyah’s location-based check-in game, MyTown, is now available in Australian, UK, and Canadian iTunes stores. Woo! This is one I’ve actually been waiting for for awhile. Basically, it adds a thick slather of game elements on top of the usual location-based check-ins you might be familiar with in Foursquare and Gowalla. Essentially, it turns that same “go to a store, check in, get points” scheme into a game of Monopoly, that has you “owning” the businesses you check into, and charging rent to other people who check in there. MyTown also differs in that it lists stores specifically, while Foursquare and Gowalla are more loose, and offer a whole variety of user-generated content.

Conveniently enough, Booyah also launched a scavenger hunt today too. Basically, you check in to locations as much as possible to earn parts of a map, that will lead you to a hidden key somewhere in your city. Getting this key will give you a code that you e-mail to Booyah, which enters you in a chance to win iTunes gift cards or even an iPad. Unfortunately for those new international users, the contest is for Americans only. Bah.

Anyway, get downloading at the iTunes link below. The game’s free, and pretty fun. Sure hope it comes to Android and BlackBerry at some point.

[via Booyah]

appstorebadge Booyah Releases MyTown 3.1 Update for iPhone – Download MyTown for iPhone (Free) [iTunes Link]

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