Droid X notifications not as loud as you’d like? Motorola is cooking a fix up for just that!


Some Motoroal Droid X owners have reported that their notification ringtones are not as loud as they would like. Some meaning many, as it turns out, and after many complaints of the issue, Motorola is stepping up to the plate and is planning a fix for the issue in an upcoming software update.

We’re not sure when we can expect this fix to hit handsets, or if it’s planned to be bundled with the upcoming Android 2.2 (Froyo) update, which is rumored for an early September release. It makes sense to add it to the Android 2.2 update, but it would also make sense to get the update out to users as soon as possible, since it doesn’t seem like it would take months to get such a fix out. Motorola may not want to dispatch an update solely for the notification volume, and have users expect it to be Froyo, as that may be somewhat irritating. But we’re just glad that they are working on this issue.

With my time with the Droid X, I had never thought twice about the notification volume. I miss calls and texts all the time, but I certainly wasn’t blaming the phone itself. In retrospect, though, I can pick out a few times where I was not too far from the phone, when received a text or email, and I just had not heard it. It’s not much of a big deal to me, but a fix is a fix, and you can always adjust the volume if said fix makes your notifications too loud. If that’s the case, don’t go moaning to Moto, they’ve done their part.

September is only a couple of weeks away, and in that time we’ll be seeing a couple of new handsets, and an update actually coming. For us, that’s enough to distract us from impatiently waiting for Froyo to hit Verizon’s 4.3 inch superphone.

For now, Motorola has suggested to change your notification ringtone to one of the 10 loudest options, which are:

  1. Bolly Wood
  2. Dancing’ Fool
  3. Digital Phone
  4. Road Trip
  5. Gimme Mo’Town
  6. Noisey One
  7. Caribbean Ice
  8. Very Alarming
  9. Terrible Two’s
  10. Third eye

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Motorola Droid X Review.

[Via: Phandroid, Motorola support]

  • Omar Carter

    This is good news.

  • AeroTech

    Excellent work Moto! Way to listen to your customers. Maybe this great example will help teach Apple to listen to their customers. Yeah…what was I thinking? When you're as big as Apple, you don't have to be concerned with customers. Right? >:o

  • haz

    OK, this is a start… now fix the darn wi-fi connection issues!

    It's a crap shoot as to whether my X will stay connected to wi-fi or not and sometimes no matter how many times you try to reconnect it still won't. I've resorted to staying on 3G instead of getting aggravated with the wi-fi connection… which is a far from optimal solution.

  • cesar

    lol i can listen better the vibration on my dx that its sound lol it will be good if motorola can fix this issue 🙂

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