Netflix sort of, kind of, confirms they’re making an Android application

On social news site Reddit, a member by the name of NFLX claims to be an employee at Netflix and that the company is actively hiring Android developers. Netflix, the service that ships DVDs to your home and helps you avoid the weird people who go to video rental stores to keep on checking out a VHS copy of The Little Mermaid, also has a web streaming service that works on computers, various video game consoles, and devices running Apple’s iOS. There’s also plans to launch a Windows Phone 7 app and make it available to customers on day 1 of the birth of Microsoft’s new smartphone platform.

Now that Android is on track to surpass the iPhone this year, thanks to being available on multiple devices and across multiple operators, companies are starting to look at creating Android applications where they’d once not bat an eyelash at the concept that “iPhone is enough” and “the iPhone is the future of the mobile content industry”.

We’ve got no details in terms of a time frame, or a price point, but just know that it’s coming. We’ve been hearing about the existence of this application from as far back as April. The wait is starting to become a little unbearable, but soon you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite 90 minute movie on a screen that can fit in your pocket. But do you really want to is my question. That’s a whole other post in which the purists, like me, will belittle the techno geeks for their complete lack of appreciation that is cinema and the emotions that only a theater can produce.

Oh and forget about using this application over your operator’s network. They’d kill you if they could, but instead they’ll just cut off your service and send you a bill for $1 million.

[Via: Electronista]

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