TELUS BlackBerry Torch 9800 Slated for September 16th Launch?

TELUS BlackBerry Torch 9800

TELUS BlackBerry Torch 9800

OK Canadians, listen up… I’ve got a decent BlackBerry Torch 9800 rumor for ya. We’ve known for a little while now that Canada’s ‘Big 3’ (Bell, Rogers and TELUS) have confirmed the Torch will be available on their respective networks. So far, we’ve had no launch date or pricing info to release… but of course, as time passes the rumors are bound to flow in.

Over the weekend I noticed a new rumor surrounding a TELUS launch. The fine folks over at TheBerryFix reported (via a tipster) that the TELUS Torch 9800 is scheduled for a September 16th launch. Of course, take this rumor with the standard ‘grain of salt’ disclaimer.

On a side note, I managed to get my hands on the Torch over lunch late last week. Overall, my initial impressions were good. OS 6 seemed solid and packed some nice new features (although I have to admit, UI-wise it still looks ho-hum to me), the form factor was A-OK (really nice to have the full QWERTY + touchscreen combo), and overall… I have to say it’s a great device with solid fit-and-finish. Any regular Berry may want to put the Torch on their watch-list if a new device is in the works for the not-so-distant future.

Note: For what it’s worth, look for Canada’s carriers to shoehorn you into a 3-year contract at $199. AT&T has the 9800 up at that price point, but on a 2-year contract instead of 3.

[Via: TheBerryFix]

  • Cliff679

    I was waiting to exchange my Curve 8530i for the Torch and was asking around everywhere if there were rumours of it's release here in Canada. Of course everyone had the same answer, "haven't heard anything yet". I bit the bullet and switched up for the Bold. Two weeks later, BB launched the Torch!!!! I am going to do everything I can to get my hands on one of these things now after checking out more than a few reviews, all look pretty good BTW.

  • Muf

    I spoke to a Rogers rep during the week while I was looking for an iphone 4 after Rogers screwed me out of one. Looks like Rogers is looking to launch the 9800 Torch between September 20-23, could be sooner, could be a little later as well. Now that I got screwed huge by Rogers, I’ll be looking to take advantage and get this phone as an upgrade instead. I’ve heard mixed reviews about the Torch, but I have to judge for myself. I like the concept of a touch screen and fully qwerty keyboard that slides out under it.

    • eyeballs

      Wow you got screwed by rogers? No way kinda hard to believe NOTTTT. Seriously who has not been screwed by Rogers and if you never were dont worry it’s coming …

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