HTC holding a press event on September 15th, what are they going to reveal?

Gizmodo just received an invitation to an HTC press event scheduled to take place on the 15th of September. That’s a little over a month away. The invitation reads “Come see what HTC has dreamt up 15 September in London”.

Right off the bat, the fact that it’s taking place in London automatically removes any possibility that this is the HTC G1 Blaze, or HTC Vision, or whatever the hell code name that device has. The world’s first HSPA+ equipped mobile phone is due to be launched by T-Mobile USA next month and as far as I know, the UK has enough trouble delivering HSPA, much less HSPA+. So scratch that off the list.

Could it be a Windows Phone 7 device? Again doubtful since Microsoft told Engadget that Windows Phone 7 would be launching in October in Europe. If I was HTC I’d want to pull a Steve Jobs and announce a product and then say “shipping next week”.

If I was a betting man, I’d say this is the HTC Ace, better known as the Desire HD. Think of it as a Nexus One, but with a 4.3 inch screen, 8 megapixel camera, and 720p video recording capabilities. This is for the size queens who demand a larger screen, or fat people who have pockets large enough to stuff a newborn child inside.

Are you looking forward to the HTC Desire HD? What’s so HD about it if all it does is record HD video? The Desire already got a software update that enabled 720p video capture. I understand a company’s goal of having a wide and diverse portfolio, but really, is it worth it to clone a product just to offer consumers a choice between a 3.7 inch screen and a 4.3 inch screen?

Here’s hoping that the industry starts heading in the opposite direction. Maybe I’m strange, and I know people think I’m eccentric, but I desperately want a smaller screen with the same resolution.

  • ??????

    i got it too. if you look closely there is a hidden shape in the picture

    • Stefan Constantinescu

      can you forward me the email? stefan at intomobile dot com

  • Al Pavangkanan

    Wow, Stefan is so over Nokia he didn't notice this event is day two of Nokia World

    • Matti

      Funny and true.

      On the the other, this means that Stefan's posts on Intomobile are the only ones that get comments, even when he's not bashing Nokia.

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