Facebook Places for the iPhone launching tonight

As part of its location-based event, Facebook announced the new Facebook Places feature for its iPhone application. Keeping its focus on the mobile space, Facebook has endowed the application with many of the new location features which will be appearing on Facebook’s website including location-based check-ins and tagging of friends that are joining you in your extra-curricular activities. You can also locate friends who are currently checked-in and those who have checked-in previously. Facebook’s privacy controls extend to this new feature so you can control when you broadcast your location, which friends will see your location status and tags, and even permissions¬†to control who can tag you. Tags can also be removed via the phone and reported for being abusive, incorrect, etc. The application update with the new Places feature will debut in the App Store for US-based users later tonight. Anyone going to check it out when it launches?

[Via Facebook]

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