White iPhone 4 spotted in unboxing video

Can’t wait to get your hands on a white iPhone 4? Tired of using that tacky white iPhone kit which is obviously a cheap Chinese cover-up? While we can’t announce the availability of this highly desirable handset just yet, we can point you to the next best thing- a four minute unboxing video that showcases the lovely lines of this impossible to find handset. The origin of this handset is unknown but it is a retail model complete with Apple packaging and accessories.

Despite the pent up demand for the white iPhone 4, the handset is still not available for retail sale. On two separate occasions, Apple has publicly stated that the iPhone 4 has proved to be “more challenging to manufacture than we originally expected”. These unidentified manufacturing challenges have forced Apple to delay the release of the white model until the very open-ended timeframe of later this year.

Rampant speculation on the internet suggests that Apple is delaying the handset to either fix the antenna issue, address problems with bent and misaligned casings, or tweak the tinting and clarity of the white paint for the handset. While the latter is the most feasible explanation, we currently do not know the real reason behind this agonizing delay. All we can do is wait with bated breath for the white model to launch and try to enjoy these video walkthroughs when they pop up from time to time.

[Via 9to5 Mac]

  • Michael Reynolds

    FAKE! No Diffuser on the flash. Nice photoshop on the box!

  • Michael Reynolds

    Also not exactly and “unboxing video” more like “taking out of a box”!

  • Tim

    What date did this “unboxing” actually take place? Are the white iphone 4s out now??

  • Mr. Bean

    Fake! It was speaking spanish!

  • BlkEagle

    Well, to the three of you who thinks that this is a hoax. I will give credit to this person who published it on the web, if we look at it closely that’s if you are not four eyes. It looks like the real thing. All I can say is that all three gave this comment, just get a life…

  • James

    Mr. Bean that wasn’t spanish it was french… Canada has two official languages english and french, I am also with Rogers and that’s exactly how it sounds when you call in. It talks in English, then French.

    First is why the hell did he have to unlock it to use it with Rogers? Like 5 carriers in Canada are carrying the locked iPhone 4 includng Rogers and the apple store is selling unlocked iPhones to use on any carrier for like 700 dollars. So this for sure is from another country and was locked onto another carrier.

    Second of all why do you guys think this is fake? The phone looks EXACTLY like mine and I cannot see any evidence to support how it is fake so if you have proof please post it because right now it looks as real as it can be. In regards to the diffuser on the flash, I do not know what you’re talking about the Camera lens and flash look EXACTLY like my black iPhone 4 it even has the metal rings around them.

    After analyzing this video and taking your comments into account there is no evidence to suggest this is fake. It probably IS real.

  • Titania02

    Was this the very first opening of the box? Doesnt look like it. the poster didnt break any seals so it is likely that a converted black iphone 4 was turned white and then put in the box with everything else.

    Box was obtained from chinese suppliers. this is an iphone 4 black converted to white with online kits available anywhere. Everything looks like the real deal but no way of knowing if its actually a fully assembled product from foxcon as a white unit.

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