Verizon-Google tablet is codenamed gPad, will feature N-Trig multitouch display?

Verizon’s joint tablet offering with Google may include a multitouch display from N-Trig, a highly-regarded Israeli company known for producing top-notch TabletPC displays. N-Trig has produced two- and four-fingered multitouch displays for HP, Dell, and Lenovo. While N-Trig is focused on Windows 7, Lenny Engelhardt, VP of Business Development, has hinted that the company is eyeing the mobile space; looking closely at Android as an alternative venue for its display technology.

Supposedly codenamed the gPad, this Verizon and Google tablet is shaping up to a powerhouse device. Thought to be powered by Tegra2 processor running on top of Google’s Chrome OS, the Verizon gPad is rumored to be manufactured by HTC with N-Trig technology. You have Verizon, the nation’s #1 wireless carrier with a large potential pool of users, HTC, the premier mobile handset manufacturer for Google’s Android OS, a dual-core processor from NVIDIA, and now a multitouch screen from a top touchscreen display manufacturer. What more could you want?

If this product pans out and is as good as these rumors suggest, then this Verizon-branded device may be the “must-have” tablet when it launches on Black Friday. While I normally eschew in-store shopping on that crazy day of retail madness, I may have to don some combat gear and fight the masses to get my hands on this exciting new Verizon tablet. Anyone going to join me?

[Via Gizmodo and Haaretz]

  • WizBang75

    I’m excited about it. I’ve been a Verizon customer for quite some time now, and am a happy owner of the Droid X. Customer Service has always been great with Verizon and I’ll operate under the assumption that they will turn out a great and user-friendly product with this Tablet. Black Friday is the official release date? Glad I held out on buying a tablet until I saw this article.

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