Facebook has a ton of mobile users – iOS, BlackBerry lead

Apple iPhone users are on Facebook more than BlackBerry, Android
Apple iPhone users are on Facebook more than BlackBerry, Android

Facebook is showing off some of its mobile usage data and it shows that its Apple iPhone and BlackBerry users handily outnumber Android users.

According to the company’s Facebook for iPhone page, there are nearly 105 million active monthly iPhone users. This number seems a bit fishy because Apple recently said that iOS is on track to break 100 million users.

That was before the launch of the Apple iPhone 4, so I’m sure that figure has been reached but I don’t think every single one of them uses the Facebook app. The reason for this could be that can sign into multiple accounts from the same device and those could be inflating this figure.

Still, this is a solid indication that Apple iPhone users are extremely active with the world’s largest social network and this could be why the iOS app is head and shoulders above the competitors. The Apple iPhone app is the only dedicated app that can access Facebook Places, while others platforms can only use it through the touch-enable mobile website.

The BlackBerry page says there are nearly 60 million active monthly users and this just shows how big of a base Research In Motion has. The company often gets lost in the high-end shuffle but it still has a ton of existing users that want to play with consumer apps.

The Android page says there are a little over 12 million Android Facebook users. The Android platform has only been around for a few years, so it doesn’t have the installed base of the Apple iOS (which also includes the wildly popular iPod Touch) or BlackBerry but it is rapidly gaining momentum, particularly in the United States.

One reason the Android platform is lagging behind the competitors is that the official Facebook app has been kind of lame. It only recently received an update to make it more visually appealing but there are still a few key features missing.

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  • BenR

    You hit the nail on the head at the end of this piece. The FB app on Android blows .. not as much with the last release but it still blows. It doesn’t register itself so that email links open it instead of the touch site and the app itself opens the web touch site WAY to often .. they could fix this but have chosen not to do so and this makes Android users decide to just use the touch site most of the time so I’m sure their stats are from the native app.

    • Marin Perez

      So true. I hate hitting a notification in the app and being kicked out to the mobile website – it often doesn’t even work!

      Stop treating Android like a second-class citizen Facebook

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