Windows Phone 7 to link up with the Xbox 360 for real-time multiplayer gaming

With all the emphasis Microsoft is placing on integrating its multiple platforms together, it is not surprising to discover that the software giant will closely link its new Windows Phone 7 handsets to its popular Xbox 360 console. Microsoft confirmed earlier this month that its Windows Phone 7 handsets will allow for turn-by-turn gaming between users but was mum on the possibility of real-time multiplayer gaming.

In a brief interview, Greg Milligan, Canada’s mobility solutions manager, revealed that Microsoft has real-time gaming in the pipeline for its Windows Phone 7 handsets. The real-time feature will allow phones to play head-to-head against Xbox 360 console and PC users via Microsoft’s Xbox Live service. Real-time gaming will be possible over WiFi and cellular, but the ability to play wirelessly is subject to carrier’s approval. This phone to Xbox console cooperation may also include the ability to control gameplay from the phone, a very useful feature for real-time strategy games. Not available at launch, these real-time features will be rolled out soon thereafter.

Milligan also revealed that game developers may choose to release companion games which will unlock content and interact with full Xbox 360 games. Lastly, Milligan confirmed that the gaming hub on the phone platform will require a free Silver Xbox Live membership and not the more expensive Gold membership. The full video interview in included below and the gaming-related information begins at the 8:34 point.

[Via wmpoweruser and rgbfilter]

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