Palm Pre and Pre Plus get 1GHz overclock courtesy of UberKernel

Palm Pre and Pre Plus owners that enjoy tweaking their handset will be happy to know that UberKernel has finally hit the 1GHz plateau. Released initially as an unstable, developers release, the 1GHz version of UberKernel has finished testing and is now available for prime-time usage. This latest 1GHz version replaces the previous build of UberKernel which topped out at 800MHz.

UberKernel 1.2.1-92 is available in Preware along with an updated version of Govnah (v0.6.7). Govnah is the companion software to UberKernel and is needed to manage the overclocking options for your handset. Govnah is chock full of hardware monitors including battery current, CPU load, and CPU temperature. It also includes the ability to easily load new CPU profiles, one of which ties your clock speed to your screenstate. A battery-saving measure, this screenstate option ramps up the processor to 1GHz when the screen is on and drops it back down to 500Mhz when the screen is off.

Performance of this 1GHz kernel is stable, smooth, and noticeably faster than the 800MHz version. The biggest loser in this quest for speed will be your battery life which will take a hit depending on your usage. The more you use your device, the more it will run at 1GHz, and the more juice you will drain from your battery. If you want to pump some life into your aging Palm Pre/Pre + and do not mind hooking it up to a charger on a regular basis, then by all means, check out UberKernel. You will not be disappointed. Both UberKernel and Govnah are easy to install and available for free through Preware.

[Via PreCentral]

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