Verizon gets Crackle videos for V Cast

Verizon V Cast gets Crackle videos
Verizon V Cast gets Crackle videos

Your Verizon phone is going to become a better mobile video device, as the nation’s largest carrier has announced that its V Cast service will now offer full-length movies from

Crackle has a ton of Sony Pictures films including “La Bamba” (one of my all-time faves) and “Cable Guy” and this will be accessible over most Verizon 3G phones with V Cast Video. It’s not going to be cheap though, as you’ll have to pay about $6 a month for the Crackle service in addition to the $10 a month for V Cast Videos. So, that means you’ll be paying about $16 a month for mobile videos and I don’t know many people who watch enough movies on their handset to justify this.

“We’re excited to bring Crackle’s selection of great movies to Verizon Wireless,” said Eric Berger, senior vice president, digital networks, Sony Pictures Television, in a prepared statement. “Together, we are enhancing the mobile entertainment experience for Verizon Wireless customers with highly engaging full-length features.”

While I’m not in love with the pricing of Crackle on Verizon V Cast Video, it does show how important mobile video is becoming as a way to stand out. Verizon reportedly spent over $700 million to get exclusive rights to the NFL Mobile app.

I think sports video apps will have more immediate appeal than full-length videos and we’ve seen Verizon advertising the heck out of its NFL video capabilities. I can’t wait for the season to start and you can even get the cool Red Zone channel on your mobile phone. If you ask a rabid football fan, they will tell you that Red Zone channel has changed the way you watch football.

Sprint is also realizing how important sports video can be on your handset and the company will be including ESPN Mobile on some of its 3G-capable smartphones.

[Via Verizon, hat tip to PhoneScoop]

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