Game Center Releasing Next Week With iOS 4.1; Project Sword Coming This Holiday

We’ve been covering Game Center ever since it was announced this past Spring It looks like all of our waiting will finally soon be over as Apple today has announced that Game Center will be launching with the iOS 4.1.

Epic Games took the center stage during the GameCenter portion of today’s media event to show off a new game Epic has been cooking for the iOS platform. The game is called “Project Sword” and it’s Epic Games’ first title on the iOS platform using their Unreal Technology. Project Sword performed flawlessly during the demo.  Game Center allowed players to initiate a multiplayer session from within the app and it also popped up achievements when one was unlocked.

Apple also made sure to note that the iPod Touch is currently the #1 selling portable gaming device, beating out Nintendo & Sony’s portable gaming devices combined. The iPod Touch has 50% market share for portable game players worldwide and an astounding 1.5 billion games and entertainment titles have been downloaded to the iPod touch to date.

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