T-Mobile G2 pricing revealed – everything we expected

pricing for the upcoming T-Mobile g2
pricing for the upcoming T-Mobile g2

The T-Mobile G2 has been given a price, and it’s your standard $200 on a two-year contract, and $499 with no contract. We’re glad Magenta kept the pricing of the G2 standard, unlike some other devices out there.

One of the best things about T-Mobile is the option to finance devices, allowing you to break a device up into 20 payments. Those of you looking to upgrade on T-Mobile should definitely direct your attention at the G2 if you’re in the market for a full QWERTY slide out keyboard. Also, the G2 is the only stock Android device coming to market that we know of, but that may not mean a whole lot to many potential customers. I’m not completely in love with the trackpad on the device – I’d much rather a trackball – but it’s a minor inconvenience.

With its snappy CPU on board, and slightly revamped launcher, the G2 won’t have a learning curve if you’re coming from the G1. It may not have a 4-inch Super AMOLED display that the Samsung Epic 4G has, but the T-Mobile G2 should be just a good in terms of usability. You won’t be paying an extra $10 for T-Mobiles HSPA+ services, so I’m still wondering why the Epic 4G is $50 more than your standard smartphone these days. Is it the dedicated number row on the keyboard?

Not much could keep me from getting one of these bad boys on launch day, unless another stock Android, HSPA+ toting, full-QWERTY keyboard slinging device leaks for T-Mobile before it’s launched, but I’m not holding my breath. The G2 should satisfy all the needs of a power user and mobile gamer. When decent games for Android end up coming in, that is. 

Still, this is bound to be a hit on T-Mobile, and by the end of the year, the carrier will have three smartphones that are actually great devices, the Vibrant, the G2, and the MyTouch HD.

Are you saving your money now, Even More Plus customers? I am.

  • Haywood

    Hey I was just reading this article and I was wondering if I’m the only one who has noticed that this phone, as a stock android experience, won’t qualify for an upgrade to 3.0. I try to keep the phones I get for a long time and with a stock experience wouldn’t you want to be able to get the latest android?

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