Apple developing an iPhone with the 1700MHz AWS band?

Image showing the backside of an Apple iPhone 4

Image showing the backside of an Apple iPhone 4

Videotron, a regional operator from Quebec, Canada, launched its mobile service today with a bang. An executive VP hinted that the newly formed wireless carrier may carry the iPhone, freshly manufactured with support for the 1700MHz AWS band. The VP also suggested the same handset would land at Wind and T-Mobile. The crowning moment came when he assured everyone that an official announcement confirming this new Apple handset will arrive in the upcoming months.

This report is another in a long line of  rumors that point to a T-Mobile iPhone. One of the earliest rumors harkens back to late last year when Thomas Weisel analyst Doug Reid predicted the 2010 launch of a T-Mobile-branded iPhone. Earlier this year, analyst Shaw Wu from Kaufman Bros looked at the supply chain and predicted a T-Mobile iPhone; while just the other day, a T-Mobile manager posited that the wireless carrier would receive the iPhone 3GS, not the iPhone 4.

Though these T-Mobile iPhone rumors continue to emerge, they are not yet convincing enough to give the 1700MHz iPhone the green light. Each rumor is still light on details and comes from sources that may not have access to information from within Apple’s inner circle. Although this latest rumor comes from an executive VP, they too can make mistakes. Just ask Qualcomm’s CEO Paul Jacobs who recently had a oopsie and announced the debut of the 1.5GHz Snapdragon processor eight months too early.

So iPhone and T-Mobile fans, hold on to your hats and prepare yourself for a bumpy ride. Until Apple comes forward and announces a T-Mobile iPhone, we may have to endure several more months of this endless speculation.

[Via Electronista]

  • thomas barrett

    I hope this will happen,or i will go to att, rates are still sheaper at t-mobile and customer service is wowow great

  • Technicien

    Now Verizon having Iphone 4, and Verizon using (I think) also AWS 1700MHZ, same has Videotron, may be Quebec Videotron sale soon Iphone 4?Because for now, Quebec Videotron push Nexus One, but if Iphone 4 are available soon, bye bye Nexus One from the Videotron web site for first proposal model.

  • gadgetz

    if iphone will support the 1700mhzband in going to mysimplemobile for $60/month flat rate unlimited everthing

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