Google Voice Home Screen Widgets on Android Now Official

Some nice-looking Google Voice widgets were ripped out from a leaked ROM a few weeks ago, and they’ve now gone official, almost on cue from the G2 announcement. One home screen widget lets you see your Google Voice credit, send free text messages, and change rerouting settings, while the voice inbox widget lets you check transcribed voicemail at a glance, with the ability to scroll through messages as needed.

For those unfamiliar with Google Voice, it’s the fruit of Google’s acquisition of GrandCentral which resulted in a service that lets you funnel your mobile, home and office calls through a single number for free. Logs of call activity are saved online, text messages are archived for future reference, and voicemails are transcribed to text so you read them in, say, handy home screen widgets. Of course, the service is only available in the U.S. right now, so tough luck if you’re up in Canada like me, or elsewhere.

Check the Android Market for updates, or go over to the Google Voice landing page for more information about the service.

[via Official Google Mobile Blog]

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