Zoodles for Android turns the phone into “Kid Mode”

After conquering the desktop market, Zoodles is going for Android smartphone users and their kids. The company that “puts devices into ‘Kid Mode,’ launched an application in the Android Market, basically allowing parents to give their phone to the kids so they can play and learn independently.

Kinds can choose from hundreds of educational games, videos and puzzles, all available free of charge. At the same time, Zoodles protects a parent’s phone by locking the child into the app, so they cannot accidentally make calls, erase emails or get into other apps.

Similarly to its desktop app, Zoodles for Android adapts content to each child based on age, skills, the device they are using and custom parental controls. For example, if a child is not yet able to read, Zoodles will only present content where no reading is required.

Finally, for parents with existing Zoodles account (used for a desktop app), there’s the Parent Dashboard (a premium service) from where certain kinds of content can be banned…

Zoodles app is free to download, and for families who would like to try Zoodles Premium services, a free 14-day trial is available at zoodles.com.

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