Must Watch Video: Newsday iPad application commercial [Less than 60 seconds]

Apple has sold millions of iPads, and some would call that a success, at least a business success, especially since the market is set to be flooded with a whole raft of clones running Android, Chrome OS, or who knows what else, but I’m still on the side of the fence that thinks the space between a mobile phone and a laptop is nothing more than yet another attempt at the consumer electronics industry to get your to buy garbage you don’t need. That being said, here’s a commercial for Newsday’s iPad application that actually made my laugh out loud, and I don’t mean that in the ironic “LOLERSKATES” fashion either. I chuckled and shared it with a few of my close friends.

I’m not going to spoil the punchline, but the gist of it is that a narrator talks about newspapers versus the iPad application while showing a demonstration of the Newsday app. If this doesn’t cheer you up, then you’ve got no soul. None.

Oh and one more thing, while we’re on the topic of replacements to newspapers, I recently acquired the latest Amazon Kindle. The WiFi only model. What do you think, should I review it on IntoMobile? Are there any particular things you’d like me to address? I’ve had it for less than a week now so the soonest this review would go up, if it goes up at all, would be by the end of this month or beginning of October. I need to give it a good beating before recommending it since “first impressions” posts for a device meant for you to read thousands upon thousands of pages off of seems a bit silly, premature, and down right irresponsible.

But anyway, enough rambling. If you haven’t watched the video above then what are you waiting for?

[Via: Business Insider]

  • Stefan, since youre asking for requests, can you comment on line (or off line to my email), what are the advantages of the iPad, Samsung Tab, or any other touch screen notebook or tablet as a productivity tool, as opposed to just fun and entertainment and web browsing devices? I am interested in knowing if an iPad-like device (Toshiba and HP have cool touch screen notebooks also) can work well for text editing purposes, can you actually select, copy and paste text with out the need of a life saving mouse/keyboard? What about for people who work long hours filling out web forms or entering data, can touch technology be a supplement to laptops… would it be ergonomically considered a good business tool investment for a free lance translator, or a media analyst (such as me) that works a lot on line selecting, codifying to detail and translating what bloggers like you post here and elsewhere? Im really interested and would appreciate your view… so thanks in advance…

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